About Emmanuel Morgan

Emmanuel is  a student at Elon University and a native of Charlotte, majoring in journalism while pursing a minor in Spanish. This summer, Emmanuel  will be interning at the Charlotte Observer — the largest newspaper in the Carolinas — with the sports and politics sections.  He also serves as the print and online news editor for Elon News Network, Elon’s nationally award-winning merged student media organization.

Since his sophomore year of high school, Emmanuel  has been published by local and national professional outlets, ranging from ESPN’s The Undefeated to The Charlotte Observer.  He’s  covered challenging, important stories ranging from politics, news, sports and opinions.  He’s  documented a major national policy conference for the United Nations and reported on-the-ground in New York City on Election Day and Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day,  including on the front lines of protests.  Emmanuel has also covered President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton , Bernie Sanders and other notable political figures.

After graduation, Emmanuel  hopes to be a sports reporter for a mid-size to large media market, and has long-term aspirations of working for a national media organization. He prides myself on my drive and work ethic and hope to leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets.