Elon Poll finds Trump losing support in North Carolina near 100 Day mark

By Emmanuel Morgan

As President Donald Trump arrives to his first 100 days in office Saturday, the Elon University Poll found his numbers were  slipping in North Carolina, a state he won in November.

The poll, which calculated its results April 18-21 with a ± 4.36 percentage point margin of error, found that 49 percent of North Carolina voters felt Trump was doing a worse job as president than his successor, President Barack Obama. Only 39 percent of respondents thought he is outperforming Obama.  The poll also concluded that 51 percent of voters disapprove his handling as president, while only 42 percent approve of it.

Jason Husser, director of the Elon Poll, said this plummet of support  in a state Trump captured emulates the national scene of frustration towards him.

“This is really representative of the whole country,” Husser said.  “The national  Electoral College voted for  him and his poll numbers — for the most part — are similar on the national stage.”

Sophomore Cornell Johnson was a student who conducted phone interviews  for the Elon Poll. He said that while many people refused talk to him, he personally saw an even opinion among voters he conversed with.

“Usually people just hung up the phone when they found out I was polling them,” Johnson said. “But I got a healthy mix of Republicans and Democrats that actually talked to me. So for me, it was a 50-50 split.”

To Husser, this is a clear example of the division  seen thought the country — something he said would make it difficult for any president to handle well.

“It makes it hard for any President to succeed in this political environment,” Husser said.

Ray Lin assistant director of the Center for Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity Education (CREDE) at Elon, shares his take on Trump’s first 100 days.  

One particular issue that was not as polarized regarded Trump’s use of Twitter. The poll found that 73 percent of those interviewed felt Trump’s use of Twitter is inappropriate, while only 18 percent felt the contrary. Adam Constantine, social media manager for Elon, said that while  he — along with many other people — may personally disagree with the Trump’s frequent  and controversial use of Twitter, he will not advise the Trump to change anything because it won him the White House .

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 10.26.30 AM.png

Graphic courtesy of Elon Poll. 

“What we have seen him do is be true to what he said he was going to do,” Constantine said.  “He is using the same tactics he used while he was in the campaign, so he has kept to his word.

“The name of the game in social media is engagement. As a social media manager, I wouldn’t suggest he use the same strategy, but it won him the vote in November, so I shouldn’t really tell him what he can or can’t do.”

The full survey of the Elon Poll results can be viewed here.













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